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Good news for all NEWPAGES Merchants,
now we have a partnership with!


We have done integration with to provide online seller a seamless and automated parcel delivery tracking solutions..

Enjoy the extra benefits from NEWPAGES:

  • Automated Delivery Status Report
  • Live & Precise Shipment Status
  • Seamless Tracking Creation
  • Synchronize Listing
Automated Delivery Status Report

Automated Delivery Status Report - You will receive deliveries status report daily, no more manual tracking!

Live & Precise Shipment Status

Live & Precise Shipment Status - Parcel & Shipment status will be displayed on the buyer's & merchant's order detail page.

Live & Precise Shipment Status

Seamless Tracking Creation - Eliminated extra works! Tracking will be created automatically once merchant updated the order in NEWPAGES MERCHANT SYSTEM.

Synchronize Listing

Synchronize Listing - No matter where you create the tracking, the listing will be same for both NEWPAGES and!

Enjoy the special feature from

  • Branded Tracking Page
  • Automated Shipment Tracking
  • Shipment Visibility
  • Shipment Notifications
  • Tracking Analytics
Branded Tracking Page

Branded Tracking Page - Allow customers to track their orders on a branded tracking page instead of a carrier site.

Automated Shipment Tracking

Automated Shipment Tracking - Delight your customers with automated shipment tracking to increase brand loyalty and drive more sales.

Shipment Visibility

Shipment Visibility - Automated tracking and getting the latest carrier updates automatically instead of checking manually.

Shipment Notifications

Shipment Notifications - Keep customers engaged and send engaging updates from the time an order is shipped to the moment it is delivered.

Tracking Analytics

Tracking Analytics - Get actionable insights into your post-purchase experience and shipping performance.

Sign-up account now!

Get ready to insert your API token and start enjoy all the privilege and function for FREE! Simple integration process ! Just 2 minute!

Here is the guidelines for How to get API Token

Step 1: Register your account on, sign in & go to Setting.

Step 2: Click 'Developer'.

Step 3: Click 'Add API Key'.

Step 4: Give a name for your API key and click 'Save'.

Step 5: Copy API key which generated from Seller Platform.

Step 6: Back to NEWPAGES Merchant System and click 'My Sale' from side menu.

Step 7: Back to NEWPAGES Merchant System and click '' from side menu.

Step 8: Click 'Setting' or 'Set API Key'.

Step 9: Paste the API into API key field and click 'Update' then you can now ready to enjoy special function from NEWPAGES &

11 Oct 2022