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Microsoft's Bing search engine ( now has 100 million daily active users and 4 times more daily Bing app installations. Additionally, over 200 million images have been generated from Bing Image Creator.

As a bit of background, Microsoft is the largest investor in OpenAI and has stated that the latest technology from ChatGPT will be applied first to Microsoft's products, including the Bing search engine. We've also seen ChatGPT-4 being used first on Bing.

While Microsoft Bing's market share is still not on par with Google, it's clear that Google is worried about it and has hastily launched its own AI chatbot, Bard. However, in terms of accuracy and language support, Bard is far behind ChatGPT and Bing.

The next wave of updates for Microsoft Bing search engine and Edge

  1. is now officially available for public development, and there is no longer a waiting list for copilot. Anyone can use the AI-powered Bing Chat!
  2. The search and chat functions of Bing and Edge are becoming more visual, providing rich answers such as images, videos, and charts, as well as upcoming multimodal support.
  3. The search and chat functions of Bing and Edge are becoming more efficient, supporting chat history, continuous chatting, exporting and sharing chat content, summarizing long documents, and more
  4. The search and chat functions of Bing and Edge are becoming more open, allowing developers and third parties to build plugins on Bing to help users complete queries and tasks.
For business owners, besides continuing to optimize website rankings on Google search engine, it is now necessary to start making efforts for Bing ranking as well!

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Source: Announcing the next wave of AI innovation with Microsoft Bing and Edge - The Official Microsoft Blog

05 May 2023

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