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The first built-in automated website system with ChatGPT!

ChatGPT is powerful, but it requires manual input through copy-pasting questions, like having a highly productive employee whom you need to delegate tasks to.

Now, ChatGPT is integrated into the ONESYNC website backend system! With just the product name and category, our system can collaborate with ChatGPT. It identifies your company's nature from your website information and generates Google SEO-friendly product descriptions with a single click. Moreover, it provides tri-lingual descriptions, resulting in three times the Google SEO effectiveness. The descriptions are generated directly within the website, eliminating the need to gather information and paste it into the ChatGPT website for inquiries.

Anyone involved in e-commerce or website management knows that creating keyword-rich product descriptions is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Now, you can delegate this task to AI!

But that's not all. When combined with our e-commerce platform plugin (Marketplace Plugin) and social media synchronization (Social Media Sync Plugin), these auto-generated product descriptions can be seamlessly synchronized with platforms like Facebook, Shopee, Lazada, Tiktok Shop, and more. With just one operation, you can manage products across multiple platforms simultaneously!

By choosing the ONESYNC website system, not only will you gain Google ranking benefits, but you will also save a significant amount of time. Uploading a product with keywords in just two minutes is no longer a challenge!

If you want to learn how ChatGPT integration can help drive substantial orders and improve efficiency on your website, contact us immediately to schedule a free consultation.

24 May 2023

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