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Google's audience focuses on "intentional audience",displaying search result websites when users search for relevant keywords. This allows Google to target users with clear purchasing intent. When users search for specific products or services on Google, the displayed search results can fulfill their immediate needs, resulting in relatively high conversion rates.

Google Paid Results vs Organic Results

  • Google Paid Results (Ads): 

    When you see search results with the "Ad" label in Google search, these results are purchased by advertisers through the Google Ads platform. Advertisers select relevant keywords and target audiences when setting up their ads, which may appear in search queries related to those keywords. The ranking of these ads is usually based on the advertiser's bid and ad quality score. Once you exhaust your ad budget or bid lower than competitors, your website's search results will disappear.
  • Organic Results:

    Organic search results are automatically determined by Google's search algorithm and are not purchased through payment. These results are ranked based on relevance to the search query and other factors to provide the most matching pages for user queries. Organic search results are generated based on webpage content, quality, and other relevancy factors.

Clearly, organic search results have an advantage as they don't require a significant advertising cost to maintain. Research also shows that long-term Google search users tend to skip the "Ad" search results and place more trust in the "organic search results" as they are more likely to find the information or products they are looking for.

The cost of Organic Google SEO

The cost of Organic Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the market is mostly calculated per keyword, ranging from RM100 to RM1,000 per keyword.

The ONESYNC website system package, combined with TDO AI technology, can intelligently match a single keyword to multiple keyword groups. Users only need to manage their website and upload products, and the SEO is fully handled by TDO AI technology without the need for manual intervention.

Because of this, we can achieve unlimited keywords SEO, which most web developers in the market cannot achieve! Moreover, the results are superior to manually operated SEO, and many keywords are monopolized by our clients!

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31 May 2023

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