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We can see that Google has recently been focusing heavily on their AI model, Gemini (formerly known as Google Bard), gradually integrating AI into the Google ecosystem. They're even replacing the "Google Assistant" on Android phones with the AI-powered "Gemini" selectively.

If you're using an Android phone and have opted to switch to Gemini, you now simply have to say, "Hey Google, nearby curtain stores" and Google's Gemini AI will recommend 3 to 5 curtain store websites to you. You won't need to slowly filter through one by one anymore. It's believed that soon Google will directly pre-install Gemini AI.

Getting your website recommended by Google Gemini is harder than traditional Google SEO ( because it only recommends 3 to 5 options at a time, whereas traditional SEO can show nearly 10 search results on the first page.

Therefore, if you're still using traditional, manual methods for SEO, not only is it expensive, but the effectiveness could also be significantly less.

AI SEO gets your website recommended by Google faster than traditional SEO.

The NEWPAGES ONESYNC website system utilizes AI technology to transform your single keyword into dozens of proven, effective keyword combinations. Whether it's for the currently mainstream traditional SEO ( or the upcoming AI trend—Google Gemini, it makes it easier for your website to be ranked and recommended by Google compared to your competitors.

Too complex? Confused?

Simply put: When potential customers are searching for your products on Google, do you want Google to recommend your website or your competitors'?

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